Our football program challenges youth to excel both mentally and physically. The program is physically centered on teaching a solid foundation of football fundamentals, but also offers conditioning, and training techniques to improve speed, balance, and endurance. The program also provides a healthy social outlet, and team building skills that will last a lifetime.


Westside Connection has partnered with East, Heelan, and Sergeant Bluff to launch a three year pilot program to integrate 3rd and 4th grade full-padded flag football in Sioux City. The Westside Connection believes in using positive approaches to coaching our student-athletes, as well as keeping their young bodies safe. Therefore, we feel introducing full-padded flag is a program worth trying.


3rd Grade full-padded flag football 
4th through 6th grade tackle football 
Second graders who played up on Coach Larry’s 3rd grade team will be allowed to stay with his 4th grade team. 


3rd and 4th grades full-padded flag football 
5th and 6th grades tackle football


3rd and 4th grades full-padded flag football 
5th grade rookie tackle football 
6th grade tackle football

Sioux Border Conference

The Westside Connection is a part of the Sioux Border Conference. Team that participate in this league are:

  • Bishop Heelan Saders
  • Dakota Valley
  • Elk Point
  • Hinton
  • Lawton-Bronson
  • Sergeant Bluff-Luton
  • Sioux City North
  • South Sioux City
  • Vermillion
  • Westside Connection
  • Westwood/West Monona
  • Woodbury Central
  • Sioux City East

Schedules are created and distributed by the league. Each team will get 1 home game. All Coaches must be USA Heads Up Football certified. Each team will get 4-5 games scheduled by the league. Games will be on Saturdays.

Home Team parents are expected to run the chains.

All Westside Connection home games will be played at Riverside Field.