Open Committee Positions

Serving on a committee means that you are willing to look out for the best interest of the program.You must be willing to work as a team but also be willing to take on individual tasks when needed. Being on a committee is a year-round commitment.

As a committee member you will have a specific seat which means that you are the coordinator for the tasks that accompany that seat. You will still be expected to assist all other committee members in their tasks.

If you are interested in any of the open positions we have for our programs, please select the positions you are interested in on the form below and submit your information to us. If you have any questions, please contact our President, Charlie Silvas at 712.253.0319.

Committee Seats

The Advisor must have good knowledge of the sport of the program they are to advise.

The Secretary should be someone with good communication skills and the ability to take good notes.

Safety Officer
The Safety Officer should be someone with good communication skills and can focus on player safety before all else.

Public Relations
The Public Relations Coordinator should have an above average knowledge of Social Media and enjoy planning fun events like picture day and Westside Connection night.

Lead Coach
The Lead Coach must have a good knowledge of the sport of the program.

The Fundraising Coordinator should have good organization skills.

The Parent Member must be a parent of an active player within the program

Committee Duties